The story begins in Dublin… please join us


In preparation for launching Cycling Without Age in Dublin and in Ireland, we, my husband Charles Mollan and I, thought it a good idea to join the Dublin Cycling Campaign ( and, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network. Cycling in Ireland is not as developed, welcomed or appreciated as much as it is in other countries, sad to say. When I tell people I love to cycle everywhere, most think that I am mad! Many car drivers see cyclists as ‘the enemy’, and treat us accordingly. Some cyclists are not the most observant of the Rules of the Road, so they get all cyclists a bad reputation. We do not have a well-developed cycling network or many off-road cycleways in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland. So, trying to promote Cycling Without Age in such an atmosphere is not ideal, but it is such a brilliant concept that we must overcome all the obstacles. The above link is an interview I gave to an online cycle magazine, 

The story starts to get exciting! 

The first-ever CWA rickshaw bicycle to arrive in Dublin…

Assembling our rickshaw!
Learning how to ride!
Preparing for the Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade…