Wet, windy Parade, but we made it!

Here we are waiting for the start of our section, 200 years of Cycling, at the St Patrick’s Day Dublin Parade. Unfortunately, like many another St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, we had wet, windy cold weather. But, that did not deter the over 100,000 spectators who stood patiently and cheered enthusiastically as each section of the parade passed by. The rickshaw bike stood up well to the test. It was easy to cycle, and very comfortable as a passenger. Luke, our son, was the pilot for most of it. I took over for a while. Have to admit, I prefer to be a pilot than a passenger, but then I am a poor passenger in any mode of transport! Getting the bike into the centre of Dublin, around the parade route and home again was over 30 kms, and the bike is a joy to ride. It was a great opportunity to let people know about Cycling Without Age and get some exposure.

Looking forward to a sunny ride soon!
It was wet, cold and windy, but we enjoyed the ride!

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